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By Jon Sanders


April 05, 2005

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Online bulletin boards used by students have become a good source of material for CM. Around course sign-up times disengaged students post in search of easy courses. Those are what CM seeks, too.

Take, for example, the following. East Carolina students have an online gathering site called "" (obviously it's independent from the university), which includes a "Study Hall" forum for students to discuss academic matters. One thread from last semester featured the plea of a student seeking an "easy professor" for English 1200.

English 1200. Composition
Instruction in critical reading, library research, and research writing. Analytical and argumentative writing.

The inquiring student was told about a Prof. Hal Snyder.

"Snyder is the easiest professor you can get. Talked about just the syllabus for two weeks and have done nothing in class except listen to his stories about life and watch videos," one student wrote, in the free-flowing style of online discourse. "And lastly about every week he gives a day off as a 'drafting day'. His class is extremely easy, take him."

Another thread was dedicated just to appreciating Snyder. In it students report the following:

• "I thought I signed up for English 1200, but all we've been doing all week is reading the syllabus. Should I drop?"

• "I don't think I even remember taking any notes in his class hahah"

• "i had him last semester and i don't recall taking a single page of notes. his papers are super easy. if you put a little effort into the class, you won't have a problem making an A."

• "Ummm..... I skipped again, and I asked what we did. They watched Sponge Bob Square Pants. I'm not joking."

• "i have snyder for professional writing or whatever. he's cool. Yeah we watched sponge bob too. i was pissed cause i have at 8. I could've gotten more sleep"

• "I had ol' Hal at 12:00 my freshman year and we were out of class by 12:15 everyday, he didn't even show up on most Fridays. If you want to learn something drop him, if you want to get a good grade keep him."


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