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Porn and physical education

By Jon Sanders


April 01, 2004

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This month’s choice comes by way of “The Wolf Web,” an online site used by students at North Carolina State University to chat, find rides and books, help each other with homework, and also select classes. The site compiles interesting statistics, even charting the courses and departments within the university with the highest and lowest cumulative grades.

Recently, a student asked about a particular class: “has anyone had this class? is it interesting? what the hell is the material, im curious” (all quotations, sic). The class he asked about was the “Human Sexuality” class offered by N.C. State’s Physical Education Dept.

PEH 213: Human Sexuality
Physiological and psychosocial aspects of human sexuality. Emphasis placed on health-related topics of birth control, pregnancy, childbirth, abortion and sexually-transmitted diseases. Concepts of gender acquisition, sexual values, and sexual morality discussed as related to the promotion of healthy lifestyles within contemporary American culture.

The response was enthusiastic. “Probably one of the best classes I took at NCSU,” one wrote. “The material ranges from stuff you are laughing so hard at you cry to stuff that makes you sick to look at. You learn about very detailed functionings of male and female reproductive systems, birth control methods, STDs [sexually transmitted diseases], pr0n [message-board shorthand for pornography], sexual research studies, sexual deviance, etc. We had lecture with huge close-ups of genital warts, then a couple weeks later we were watching pron videos.”

Another one chipped in “one of my friends is in that — he loves it” (a smiley face appears next to “he loves it”). She added, “qs [questions] on the test are stuff like “in female-on-top position, what is one way to increase the tightness around the male’s penis?”

Another added, “one of my friends on the gymnastics team said her advisor recommended it to her cause it was an easy class ... she seemed to enjoy it” (another smiley face).

Reviews of the class under the site’s “School Tools” section were equally enthusiastic. Many remarked about how interesting and entertaining the class was. Several rated it “Awesome.” One of those said, “The information in this class is great! Very interesting and applicable to the real world. Not hard at all. Probably one of the only classes where you actually come home and tell all your friends what you learned.”

Several reiterated that the class was “easy,” with only “10 homework assignments out of the book (it even tells you what page to find the answers on!),” and “the answers are asterisked in the book.” There is also one short paper, described as “2-3 page paper = cake assignment.”


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