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Two "candy" classes at UNC-Greensboro

By Jon Sanders


August 01, 2003

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Our selections this issue are from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and they came to CM's attention by way of a student columnist. John Russell writes a column entitled "Neurotica" for the UNCG student newspaper, the Carolinian, in which he has held forth on a wealth of topics.

This year, for instance, he has written about using a urinal and how he "noticed that the guy to my right had finished peeing" and was "stretching and jiggling his willy [which] really got me going." Another time he recounted in great detail his experiences "attending workshops on kink and anal sex." He also hailed "Dominant-Submissive Relationships," which even though the idea "smacks of slavery," they "work just as well, if not better" than monogamous marriage, leaving him "beginning to think I might stop looking for that special someone and start searching for that special submissive." In another column he combined an elegant apologetic for sex toys (they "expand the landscape of our sexuality," "are not crutches [but] are wings," and therefore "[i]t's silly be [sic] embarrassed to go to a sex shop") with discussions of several in detail (the clinical term "butt" occurs with some frequency).

The point is, when someone of Russell's range recommends college courses, as he did in his May 5 column, it behooves CM to pass those recommendations along. Especially when they come with Russell's additional approval as being excellent for someone "in search of the perfect 'candy' class" and that '[c]lasses like these are the reason I'm still in school" (he also adds that "I can honestly say that I want to be the teacher's pet").

Here are two UNCG courses that got Russell's squeal of approval:

HIS 359: Sexuality in Historical Perspective
Survey of the history of sexuality since the 17th century, with emphasis on America. Topics include agrarian sexual patterns, the impact of industrialization, Victorianism, birth control, the effects of Freud, and the 20th century "sexual revolution."

HIS 530: History of Sexuality: Selected Topics
Prerequisite—for undergraduates, HIS 359 or the permission of the instructor. May be repeated once for credit when topic varies.
Intensive exploration of critical themes in the history of sexuality, including such issues as fertility control, sexual identity, and sexual politics.

Obviously the best thing about HIS 530 is it can be repeated for credit. Undergraduates who don't obtain the "permission of the instructor" (e.g., prudes) must take HIS 359 to get in.

As the description for HIS 359 is a bit dry, here is how Russell described it. HIS 359 "takes a look at the changing ways in which people have thought about sexuality throughout history," he wrote. "The course covers the emergence of homosexuals as a distinct group, the impact of Freud's theories, birth-control, and the AIDS epidemic, among other topics. I’m taking 359 this semester and for a whole week I got to read about flogging. I love school!"


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