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State officials seek to reform UNC's teacher preparation programs
Teacher quality was the central theme of an education summit held by the UNC system's Board of Governors at the SAS Campus in Cary, North Carolina, on January 27.... More »
January 30, 2015

Saving academia from itself
Today's new independent academic centers were conceived to solve a real and difficult modern problem—how to counter academia's gradual purging of a vast array of ideas and knowledge that are still very much alive and central to the nation's intellectual and political dialogues.... More »
January 28, 2015

A bold experiment is being watched by North Carolina's private colleges
The Benedictine monks who founded Belmont Abbey College 138 years ago are better known for peacefulness than for trend-setting. But the Gaston County campus is the scene of a bold experiment watched by other private liberal-arts colleges in North Carolina.... More »
January 26, 2015

Americans used to save for college; moves toward making it free are not progress
I am strongly committed to higher education, especially in the sciences and math where we are lagging other countries. I also understand that there are students of limited means, and they need a hand up in life. But we seem to no longer draw rational lines between serious students who need assistance, and the many non-serious students who squander it.... More »
January 23, 2015

What progressives need to know
George Ehrhardt, one of the few avowed conservative political scientists at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, has published an article that attempts to explain to the political left what the political right's views are on higher education.... More »
January 21, 2015

President Ross, it's not too late for a legacy
Looking back at Ross's first four years at the helm, we see leadership marked by tentativeness and preservation of the status quo. But as Ross begins his fifth and final year as president, there are opportunities for him to champion meaningful changes and to leave a positive legacy.... More »
January 19, 2015

How the president’s "free community college" proposal will affect one state
The new federal proposal that the president is calling "America’s College Promise" is short on details but has inspired much commentary.... More »
January 16, 2015

Stanley Fish on the five schools of thought about academic freedom
When we speak about "academic freedom" what, exactly, do we mean? How far should academic freedom extend? How do we know when someone claiming it has actually abused it?... More »
January 14, 2015

Should the University of North Carolina enhance its "global brand"?
Over the past two years, the University of North Carolina has been implementing recommendations laid out by the General Administration and Board of Governors in their 2013 report, "Our Time, Our Future: the UNC Compact with North Carolina." For example, the system has streamlined the transfer process for students going from community colleges to UNC and defined "core competencies" that all graduates should possess.... More »
January 12, 2015

How the legislature could craft better education laws
During each legislative session, education is at the forefront of budget and policy discussions. Expenditures on elementary, secondary, and higher education (the University of North Carolina plus the community college system) added up to more than $11.5 billion last year, or 58 percent of the North Carolina General Fund budget.... More »
January 09, 2015

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