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Federal Rules Run Afoul of First Amendment
In trying to avoid liability for "sexual harassment" under Title IX regulations, many schools have gone way too far. They have allowed hyper-sensitive or vindictive students to use the regulations as a weapon against anyone whose speech offends or annoys them.... More »
September 02, 2015

Lake Wobegon Performance Measure Reveals All Community Colleges Above Average
North Carolina's community college "earnings gains" measure may make the community colleges look good to those who do not look too closely, but it does not tell us much about how good they actually are. The system needs to go back to the drawing board; the new measure is more public relations than a true measure of performance.... More »
August 31, 2015

Why Colleges Churn Out Poor Writers and Poor Thinkers
People in and out of the academic world have been pointing to a glaring defect in our education system for many years. That defect is the failure to teach students to write competently. Unfortunately, it's hard to see how colleges will break their bad habit of allowing students to coast through with miserable writing skills. Despite the presence of a few traditionalists and reformers, academic writing instruction still seems to be heading in the wrong direction.... More »
August 28, 2015

Trustees Need Training, and They Need to Take Charge of It!
The ultimate responsibility in higher education rests with the governing boards of trustees. If trustees are to be thoughtful overseers, they need to be informed about the role of the board, higher education issues generally, and the challenges facing their state and their campuses. Their knowledge of such matters cannot be taken for granted; they need focused, ongoing education.... More »
August 26, 2015

Rising UNC Student Loan Default Rates Indicate Fundamental Problems
Rising student default rates at University of North Carolina schools are rising, with particularly troubling rates at the system's HBCUs.... More »
August 23, 2015

Taking the Scenic Route to a Ph.D.
After several decades away from academia, I am back pursuing the Ph.D. in political philosophy that I just missed attaining at a much younger age. My decision to return and finish my degree after a rewarding and lucrative career in government and business has met with a variety of reactions: surprise, delight and, yes, envy—but never indifference. Here's my story.... More »
August 21, 2015

Higher Education Technology Offers Much, But It Is Not Everything
Going forward, new technology will likely bring out the best in traditional universities by forcing them to justify their existence. If brick-and-mortar schools offer nothing better than the digital sphere does, they will be finished.... More »
August 19, 2015

It's No Laughing Matter: Campuses Have Become Intolerant
Millennials can be a hypersensitive bunch and nowhere is this more apparent than in the academy. American institutions of higher learning have become veritable minefields of trigger warnings, safe zones, and speech codes. It appears we can add another line item to the growing list of things too radical for college students: humor.... More »
August 17, 2015

The Game Changer: Mitch Daniels Paves a New Path for University Presidents
So far, Mitch Daniels has managed to skillfully navigate the treacherous waters of academic politics and actually get some things accomplished. By really leading, instead of following the pack, he may be paving the way for other non-traditional university presidents at a time when the status quo is no longer enough.... More »
August 14, 2015

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made? (Part II)
Today's Pope Center commentary presents arguments by two distinguished writers on an age-old question: can entrepreneurship be taught or is it hard-wired into us? The first argument, by former university president and economist James V. Koch, suggests that entrepreneurship is primarily a matter of our inherent gifts. The second argument, by Buck Goldstein, Internet entrepreneur and "Entrepreneur in Residence" at UNC-Chapel Hill, suggests that entrepreneurship is more a "habit of mind" that can be developed.... More »
August 12, 2015

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