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Universities Are Not Economic Saviors, So Let's Stop Pretending That They Are
To hear some policymakers talk, one would think colleges and universities exist mainly to enhance economic growth rather than to educate.... More »
June 29, 2015

The Missing Element of Higher Education: High School Guidance
The emergence of a holistic, individual-centered approach to guidance, which informs students of alternate paths, is promising. New innovations are addressing an issue that public high schools have been straining to solve. Raising awareness of alternate careers, apprenticeships, and earning non-degree certificates will allow more students to enter the workforce early and without amassing debt. That may not be the right path for everyone, but more high school graduates need to be aware of those options and more. Any progress in this long-neglected area is welcome.... More »
June 26, 2015

Why the College Board's New Standards Would Make Teaching History Even Worse
People are right to be skeptical of the College Board's new Advanced Placement U.S. History standards. They accelerate the trend toward making American history mainly about race, class, and gender grievances. Events are included only if they can be framed that way.... More »
June 24, 2015

How to Right-Size a University System
Today, the system is faced with an important existential question: how to "right-size" the system itself, which may include reducing the number of campuses. This question badly needs to be addressed, and soon; as Harry Smith, the chair of the Board of Governor's budget and finance committee, admitted in March, "[P]eople have been ducking this conversation for a long time."... More »
June 22, 2015

An End to Building the Campus to Nowhere?
The North Carolina Senate is taking a responsible stance by not funding unnecessary new building projects for the UNC system.... More »
June 19, 2015

Lani Guinier Wants to Transform Higher Education
Higher education will work better for all Americans if academic theorists like Lani Guinier would stop using it for social engineering and just let each individual search for the education or training that best suits his abilities and circumstances.... More »
June 17, 2015

The Next UNC President Should be a Reformer, Not a Caretaker
The most important decision that the University of North Carolina system's Board of Governors will make this year is the selection of the next system president. Board members have an excellent opportunity to find someone willing to initiate a badly needed departure from the university establishment's status quo.... More »
June 15, 2015

Beyond the Academy: As Some Departments Decline, Lifelong-Learning Rises
If certain subjects are studied less in the academy, they will be studied more outside of it, and by those who are seriously interested. And that may turn out to be for the best. After all, many top poets, such as T.S. Eliot and Wallace Stevens, and many important thinkers, from John Locke to Edmund Burke to John Stewart Mill to Eric Hoffer, had non-academic day jobs when they produced their greatest works. A shift to the life-long learning model, using resources both inside and outside the academia, may very well initiate a flowering of culture instead of decay.... More »
June 12, 2015

College Is Not a Theater
I am delighted to see that Asian-Americans are speaking out against racial preferences in admissions. That stands to reason, since their children are the big losers in the racial preferences game. But they should be joined by non-Asians who understand that the purpose of college is for students to maximize their learning, not for administrators to play at social engineering.... More »
June 10, 2015

Improving Higher Education Through Professor Specialization
Every economist will tell you about the benefits from specialization. We have known about that since Adam Smith wrote The Wealth of Nations. But for some reason, this knowledge is thrown out when it comes to specialization in academia.... More »
June 08, 2015

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