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Robert Weissberg was born in New York City and graduated from Teaneck High School in Teaneck, New Jersey. He received his bachelor’s degree from Bard College and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Since 1969 he has taught political science at Cornell University and the University of Illinois-Urbana and is currently an adjunct professor of politics (at the graduate level) at New York University. He is the author of eleven books, including his most recent, Bad Students, Not Bad Schools. His professional articles have appeared in the major political science journals plus more general publications such as Society, the Weekly Standard and the American Thinker website. For more information, see his website,

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Articles by Robert Weissberg

Another take on Salaita: not an abridgment of academic freedom, but a failure to uphold academic standards Sep 01, 2014
Another take on Salaita: not an abridgment of academic freedom, but a failure to uphold academic standards

A Tower of Babel, Not a Marketplace of Ideas Mar 28, 2014
The proliferation of identity politics on our campuses is destroying intellectual vitality.

The Limits on "Telling It Like It Is" Aug 18, 2013
It's almost impossible for professors to teach objectively these days.

How to Avoid an Inquisition Feb 28, 2013
Emory University’s president has blundered into censure over a remark that shouldn’t offend anyone.

Don’t Just Complain about Bad Professors Jan 27, 2013
Students can encourage good teaching and discourage bad teaching through operant conditioning.

The Graduation Rate Myth Jan 03, 2013
Higher graduation rates won’t help the economy because college reinforces bad work habits.

A Solution to Soaring College Costs Nov 30, 2012
College education wouldn’t cost so much if students could “unbundle” and buy just what they want.

An Unwise Way to Protect Freedom of Association Feb 24, 2012
Don’t use litigation; get off the campus.

The Faculty Has Fallen Sep 07, 2011
Actually, it’s been pushed down by hordes of money- and power-hungry administrators.

Student Evaluations Promote Mediocrity Jul 08, 2010
Today’s evaluation of professors according to their popularity with students pales in contrast to the in-depth professional evaluation of teaching of the past.

How Universities Breed Dependency May 25, 2010
Modern universities are providing a failure-free existence that eliminates an important component of a free society: self-reliance.

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