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Thomas F. Bertonneau, who has a Ph.D. in comparative literature from U.C. L. A., has taught literature in California, Michigan, and New York. He was a visiting scholar at the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal in the 1990s. He is author of the study Declining Standards at Michigan Public Universities (Mackinac Center) and coauthor of The Truth Is Out There: Christian Faith and the Classics of TV Science Fiction.

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Articles by Thomas Bertonneau

Literary Criticism without Literature May 30, 2014
Few undergraduates have read more than the topical "edgy" fiction sold by hucksters to middle and high schools.

The "Smart Classroom" Meets Wagner Jan 19, 2014
It is easier to teach drama to students when you have today's technology at your disposal.

Ignorance and Envy in Academe Mar 14, 2012
Plato's parable of the cave has surprising relevance for college education today.

The Amazing Colossal Syllabus Aug 31, 2011
Instructors have to spell out every detail for todayís students, and do some of their thinking for them.

Down with Research Papers! Aug 10, 2011
They rely on easily accessible sources and deference to conventional opinion; students should be assigned essays instead.

The Mind of a Plagiarist Jul 12, 2011
Many students try to escape doing work by plagiarizing--but their profound ignorance often trips them up.

Forget U. Feb 11, 2010
Tradition depends on memory, but modern culture depends on forgetting.

Literacy Lost Feb 04, 2010
University faculty are finally noticing that college students donít read very well, but Neil Postman and Jacques Ellul saw it years ago.

Can't Read, Can't Watch, Can't Comprehend Jan 28, 2010
Today's post-literate students don't read movies any better than they read books.

"What, Me Read?" Is Back Jul 17, 2009
Readers respond to Thomas Bertonneauís popular critique of post-literacy at the college level.

What, Me Read? Part III Jan 29, 2009
A literature professor concludes the tale of his struggle to understand students who exist in the fog of a post-literate world.

What, Me Read? Part II Jan 22, 2009
A literature professor continues the tale of his struggle to understand students who exist in the fog of a post-literate world.

What, Me Read? Jan 15, 2009
A literature professor discovers that his students exist in the fog of a post-literate world.

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