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Jane S. Shaw is president of the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy. She joined the center in September 2006 as executive vice president. She was previously director of communication and a senior fellow of PERC, the Property and Environment Research Center in Bozeman, Montana.

Before joining the Pope Center, Shaw was a frequent writer and speaker on environmental topics. With Michael Sanera she coauthored Facts, Not Fear: Teaching Children about the Environment (Regnery 1999). She coedited A Guide to Smart Growth: Shattering Myths and Providing Solutions (Heritage Foundation, 2000) with Ronald Utt.

Earlier in her career, Shaw was a journalist. Before joining PERC in 1984, she was an associate economics editor of Business Week, working in New York City. Before that she was a correspondent for McGraw-Hill Publications in Washington, D.C., and Chicago. Shaw received her bachelorís degree in English literature from Wellesley College. At that time her name was Jane Steidemann.

Shaw is a past president of the Association of Private Enterprise Education, a national organization that promotes a better understanding of markets. She is a senior editor of Liberty magazine, editorial adviser to Econ Journal Watch, a member of the Editorial Advisory Panel of Regulation, and a member of the Editorial Advisory Council of the Institute of Economic Affairs (London).

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Articles by Jane S. Shaw

Has the corruption ended at UNC-Chapel Hill? Oct 24, 2014
Has the corruption ended at UNC-Chapel Hill?

Secrets of social entrepreneurship: A legal system that works and dedication to a dream Oct 13, 2014
Secrets of entrepreneurship: A legal system that works and dedication to a dream

Here's a message from the University Office of Financial Aid and Duplicity Sep 15, 2014
Here's a message from the University Office of Financial Aid and Duplicity

A Brookings study says there is no student loan crisis, but is it right? Jul 04, 2014
Is there a student loan crisis? A Brookings study says no.

Faculty Vetoes: Powerful and Impotent May 27, 2014
Universities reveal the "tragedy of the anticommons."

Leadership Crack-ups Apr 16, 2014
The fault may lie with naive trustees and a flawed search process.

Mitch Daniels Takes the Helm at Purdue Mar 07, 2014
A no-nonsense politician completes his first year as president and has ambitious plans in store for the university.

A Meager Defense of the Humanities Jan 28, 2014
A report on the humanities and social sciences fails to give a persuasive case for federal support.

The Feminist Retreat Jan 16, 2014
It is hard to find a legitimate justification for women's studies.

A Decade of Reform (Proposals, That Is) Jan 01, 2014
The ideas we proposed over the past ten years may be implemented in the next ten.

Shout Down, Walk Out Nov 12, 2013
Something is amiss when students refuse to engage in dialogue with a controversial speaker.

No Core Curriculum Here Oct 29, 2013
A Pope Center report calls the general education courses at UNC-Chapel unstructured and unwieldy.

Subversive Lessons from China Oct 08, 2013
The last book by economist Ronald Coase offers provocative ideas for higher education, and not the ones you would expect.

Why I Am a SuperBubble Hawk Jul 30, 2013
I agree with an establishment writer, Jeff Selingo, that big changes may be on the way.

Five Tasks for the UNC Board of Governors Jul 21, 2013
The Pope Center offers some suggestions to help the new UNC board take charge.

Course Correction Jun 06, 2013
Current public policy debates donít belong in a basic political science course, but public policy examples do.

Smash the Rich! May 21, 2013
This course in American government tilts left.

A Surprising Move, from Dartmouth to UNC Apr 16, 2013
The chancellor-elect comes from an Ivy League college that has one-seventh the students and no athletic scholarships.

Seven Years 'til the Revolution? Apr 09, 2013
Colleges and universities must adopt College 2020 if they want to remain in the game, says Vance Fried.

Political Correctness: My Top Ten Apr 02, 2013
Universities are immersed in a sea of bias. Here are some indications.

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