Vague Campus Rules Undermine Students' Due Process and Free Speech Rights

Vague Campus Rules Undermine Students' Due Process and Free Speech Rights

By Clark Conner

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Shocking: The Chronicle Supports the Case Against College for All

By George Leef

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Loan Forgiveness: A Superficial Solution to the Student Debt Problem

By Jesse Saffron

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The State of the State University 2015
This report shows, through graphs and tables, the University of North Carolina's enrollment growth, tuition history, admissions data, and graduation rates. It provides details about student aid, student debt, the ratio of faculty to students, and the ratio of administrators to faculty. It includes information about faculty salaries, state appropriations, and state subsidy of instruction costs.

The Decline of the English Department
Authored by director of policy analysis Jay Schalin, the report investigates current trends in English departments, including why student enrollment has declined in English departments at American universities and how both internal and external pressures have led to widespread changes in the discipline's curriculum.

Renewal in the University
A major change is occurring on university campuses: the creation of privately funded centers and institutes that preserve the traditional knowledge and perspectives that were once at the heart of the university. This paper by Jay Schalin discusses the surge of such programs across the country.

Higher Education Headlines

North Carolina

New UNC Strategist
UNC system president Margaret Spellings has appointed a new senior vice president for strategy and policy, one of her top strategists. In the News and Observer.

Audit Zings Halifax CC
An audit of Halifax Community College has found that the college used scholarship funds for general expenses among other infractions. In the Carolina Journal.


Baylor Scandal
Baylor University has moved to fire its head football coach amid a campus sexual assault scandal, Baylor's president will also be demoted. In the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Professors in Opposition
Twelve Harvard professors have filed a motion against a new campus policy to exclude certain students from fellowships and campus leadership. On the College Fix.

An Ineffective Tool
A new report on performance-based funding for higher education finds that it's rarely effective in improving education. On Inside Higher Ed.


A Generation That Hates Speech
"As college campuses have become bastions of rigorously enforced political correctness, the limits on speech have come crashing down in the real world," writes Nina Burleigh. On Newsweek.

Protectionism in Ideas
"The campus authoritarians who insist on disinviting or shouting down speakers they dislike are insecure," writes George Leef. On Phi Beta Cons.

Radical Activism
"When only victimhood confers moral authority, 'victims' rule the roost, often violently," writes David French. On National Review.

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