Campus Unrest Exposes the Folly of Higher Education's Social Justice Offensive

Campus Unrest Exposes the Folly of Higher Education's Social Justice Offensive

By Jesse Saffron

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North Carolina Should End Its Protectionist Policies Limiting Online Courses

By Jenna A. Robinson

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What Entrepreneurship Education Can (and Can't) Do

By Per Bylund

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The Decline of the English Department
Authored by director of policy analysis Jay Schalin, the report investigates current trends in English departments, including why student enrollment has declined in English departments at American universities and how both internal and external pressures have led to widespread changes in the discipline's curriculum.

Renewal in the University
A major change is occurring on university campuses: the creation of privately funded centers and institutes that preserve the traditional knowledge and perspectives that were once at the heart of the university. This paper by Jay Schalin discusses the surge of such programs across the country.

Faculty Teaching Loads in the UNC System
This paper by Jay Schalin, the Pope Center's director of policy analysis, explores the teaching loads of faculty in the University of North Carolina system. It finds that the university overstates the actual teaching duties of professors and recommends that the UNC Board of Governors conduct a comprehensive study of faculty workloads.

Higher Education Headlines

North Carolina

Yik Yak Ban Not Likely
Duke University officials are aware of calls to ban the controversial phone app Yik Yak on campus, but administrators think the move would be both ineffective and boost the app's notoriety. In the Duke Chronicle.

Spellings Faces Uphill Battle
Prior to officially becoming the UNC President, Margaret Spellings is attempting to "build some collegiality... with other stakeholders." A step she hopes will quell attempts to preemptively remove her from the post. In the News and Observer.


Yale Stands for Free Speech
More than fifty Yale University faculty members have signed on to a letter supporting Erika and Nicholas Christakis, two Yale Masters who have been the subject of recent controversy on campus. On Inside Higher Ed.

Enough with the Sensationalism
Following alleged racist graffiti on campus, a black professor at Harvard Law School is urging
students to avoid exaggerating the presence of campus racism. On the College Fix.

How Rebellious
Amid evidence of strong student support, University of Nevada, Las Vegas President Len Jessup has announced that the school will retain the 'Rebels' as both the nickname and mascot of the school. On Campus Reform.

Good News for College Grads
According to a new Georgetown University study, underemployment rates for recent college graduates have decreased significantly since the peak in 2010. In Inside Higher Ed.


Fiscal Irresponsibility at UNC
"When we spend $10 million... on the nation's most expensive lawyers and corporate consultants, we deploy funds that could have... increased skimpy graduate student stipends," writes professor Gene Nichol. In the News and Observer.

North Korea On Campus
"Evidently, a college education is no longer in and of itself a source of 'positive social change,' left to the discretion of each student to interpret and enact," writes Daphne Patai. On Minding The Campus.

Saving The American University
"If we can look to neither universities nor government to reform higher education, where might we turn?" writes Tom Lindsay on

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