Is it Time to Cast Off the Tradition of Three-Month Summer Vacations?

Is it Time to Cast Off the Tradition of Three-Month Summer Vacations?

By Harry Painter

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Emote, Protest, Get Naked for Your Professor, and Get Credit

By Mary Grabar

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A Liberal Calls Out Intolerant Leftists Who Smother Free Speech on Campus

By Adam Kissel

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Renewal in the University
A major change is occurring on university campuses: the creation of privately funded centers and institutes that preserve the traditional knowledge and perspectives that were once at the heart of the university. This paper by Jay Schalin discusses the surge of such programs across the country.

Faculty Teaching Loads in the UNC System
This paper by Jay Schalin, the Pope Center's director of policy analysis, explores the teaching loads of faculty in the University of North Carolina system. It finds that the university overstates the actual teaching duties of professors and recommends that the UNC Board of Governors conduct a comprehensive study of faculty workloads.

General Education at NC State
In the Pope Center's latest report, Jay Schalin, director of policy analysis, says that North Carolina State University's general education program is "deeply flawed" because students can select from courses that are "too narrow," "trivial," and often "inspired by political correctness."

Higher Education Headlines

North Carolina

UNCG's New Chancellor
Last Friday, the UNC system's Board of Governors elected Franklin Gilliam, Jr., dean of UCLA's public affairs school, as UNC-Greensboro's next chancellor. In the News & Observer.

Hough Doubles Down
Jerry Hough, a professor accused of racism for comparing blacks and Asians at Duke, held strong in a letter to a prospective student's mother. On Business Insider.


Feeling Unprepared
In a recent survey, only twenty percent of college students indicated that they feel "very prepared" to enter the workforce. On Inside Higher Ed.

Report to Police Instead
A prosecutor near Notre Dame's campus is encouraging students to take sexual assault claims to his office and county police rather than to school officials. On Campus Reform.

Living in a "Fantasy World"
After investigating salaries and other benefits received by community college and university officials, Illinois legislators concluded that the state's top higher education officials are living in a "fantasy world of lavish perks." In the Chicago Tribune.

Dropping Like Flies
Drake College of Business, a for-profit college that was expanding only a few years ago, is closing at the end of July. On Inside Higher Ed.


Cost of Regulations
In the American Action Forum, Chad Miller and Sam Batkins analyze the Department of Education's regulatory burdens, estimating the cost to colleges at over $3 billion.

"Sexual Totalitarianism"
Stony Brook University's Graduate Queer Alliance demonstrates the extreme hostility to opposing ideas among millennials, writes Mike Adams at

UNC Regional Forums
It's important that students, parents, and taxpayers give UNC input on its presidential search, writes Jenna A. Robinson at the Locker Room.

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