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Ignoring the Elephant in the Room

A Pew Research study claims that those who don't go to college penalize themselves.

By George Leef

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Leadership Crack-ups

The fault may lie with naive trustees and a flawed search process.

By Jane S. Shaw

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Free Speech on Campus?

Sure—as long as you haven't previously said anything to offend groups that now hold trump cards.

By George Leef

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General Education at UNC-Chapel Hill
This report evaluates Chapel Hill's general education program--the school's requirements for graduation outside the major subject--in light of the traditional goals of general education.

Additional Details for the State of the State University Report
Supportive details, including statistics for specific campuses, can be found below.

The State of the State University
"The State of the State University" by Jenna Ashley Robinson compiles publicly available data about the University of North Carolina system.

Higher Education Headlines

North Carolina

Vet Tuition
Gov. Pat McCrory proposed allowing NC-based vets to pay in-state community college tuition the first year out of service. In Raleigh's News & Observer.

UNC-Greensboro Expansion
UNC-Greensboro's new $40 million Union Square campus will be open in fall 2016, serving 400 students. In the UNC-Greensboro Carolinian.


Lefty Commencements
Campus Reform has put together a list of political 2014 commencement speakers, and--surprise--it leans Democratic, by a 2-1 margin.

"No Choice"
After three members of the Ole Miss chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon were accused of tying a noose to a desegregation statue, the chapter was closed.

"The Tennessee Promise"
The state of Tennessee wants to completely subsidize community college tuition and boost the number of residents with college degrees to 55%. On the Tennessean.


Speech Crimes
The Pope Center's Jane Shaw contrasts the treatment of left-leaning Gene Nichol and right-leaning Mike Adams. In Raleigh's News & Observer.

Dartmouth President Speaks
Dartmouth College president Philip J. Hanlon says his school is being "hijacked by extreme behavior, masked by its perpetrators as acceptable fun." In the Washington Post.

How Much Is Too Much?
David R. Anderson analyzes collegiate regulations through the lens of his experience as a college president. On Inside Higher Ed.

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