A UNC program designed to help academically weak students has not delivered

A UNC program designed to help academically weak students has not delivered

By Jesse Saffron

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The impending surge for the University of Everywhere

By George Leef

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The police, not universities, should be handling rape accusations

By April Winters

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Renewal in the University
A major change is occurring on university campuses: the creation of privately funded centers and institutes that preserve the traditional knowledge and perspectives that were once at the heart of the university. This paper by Jay Schalin discusses the surge of such programs across the country.

Faculty Teaching Loads in the UNC System
This paper by Jay Schalin, the Pope Center's director of policy analysis, explores the teaching loads of faculty in the University of North Carolina system. It finds that the university overstates the actual teaching duties of professors and recommends that the UNC Board of Governors conduct a comprehensive study of faculty workloads.

General Education at NC State
In the Pope Center's latest report, Jay Schalin, director of policy analysis, says that North Carolina State University's general education program is "deeply flawed" because students can select from courses that are "too narrow," "trivial," and often "inspired by political correctness."

Higher Education Headlines

North Carolina

Fraternity Banned
NC State disbanded a fraternity for a pledge book featuring offensive language that was found at a restaurant. On WNCN.

Saunders Saga Continues
After a two-hour meeting discussing the renaming of Saunders Hall, UNC-Chapel Hill trustees did not come to a decision. In the Daily Tar Heel.


For Them to Know
The U.S. government withholds funds from a dozen institutions it finds to be risky, but it keeps the names of those colleges a secret. On Inside Higher Ed.

Uber Investment
Uber gave $25,000 to the University of Maryland to support student startups. In the Washington Post.

How Women's College Survived
When Trinity College in Washington, D.C. lost its base, it saved itself by shifting toward serving poor African-American and Latino women. A mini-documentary from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Now They'll Be Diverse
The University of Oklahoma was one of few institutions of its size without a chief diversity officer, but its recent Sigma Alpha Epsilon controversy changed that. On Inside Higher Ed.


Default Rates Not Enough
The federal government's student loan default rate measure is insufficient for determining which colleges are successful, writes Ben Miller. On Chronicle.com.

"The Athletic Machine"
"The athletic machine is in charge of the university," says Mary Willingham in a video interview with the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Kid Gloves
"No wonder kids end up at college equally scared of rapists and a discussion of rape culture! They have grown up under the mantra: Everything is dangerous," writes Lenore Skenazy on Reason.com.

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